Printmaking IN in Riga 2021

Happy New Year 2021. I find it very difficult to believe, that the coming year 2021 will develop in a much different way from what we already have been seeing during 2020. Covid-19 will probably continue to play a significant factor in our daily life. Hopefully it will be possible to hold exhibitions and art fairs.

So fingers crossed. I’m proud to announce that I once again have been invited by Grafikas Kamera to participate in the danish artists group exhibition “HA-BI-BI-TAT” in Latvain Artist Unio’n Gallery as part of international graphic festival Printmaking IN in Riga, LV.
The danish artist group exhibition is curated by Rasmus Danø, DK.

Printmaking IN, Latvain Artist Unio’n Gallery, Riga, LV
21th of July – 31st of August 2021.

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