Selected Series

In the series Killing Paradise no. 1-4 (2022) I seek to deal with our contemporary estrangement from nature, which we are so closely connected to and in every way so dependent on. I look with concern at our impact on nature. With a still lack of understanding and, not least, respect for its vulnerability, at the same time we enjoy it and take pictures of it like never before. Then to post them on social media for pure entertainment.

It is precisely this schism I seek to express through the raw visual expression that can be seen in the 4 graphic works. The “clipped images” of burnt forest, torn trees and unhealthy water must stand as a snapshot of the reality that we create. Like a worn photo or a memory that people might want to look back on in 100 years.

Killing Paradise no. 1-4, 2022

The series Reflection space for humanity no. 1-5 (2019) consists of 5 large works with the separate subtitles “The City”, “The Forest”, “The Children”, “The Animals” and “You and I”. The 5 works form a common statement that we all need to think about ourselves as individuals in relation to our fellow human beings and surroundings. As the title “Reflections space for humanity” suggests, the aim is to create a space for reflection, in which each individual work is a clue to the question one must deal with. The entire work thus revolves around human existence, human nature and how the choices we each make affect our surroundings and our fellow human beings. The works are executed as monotypes and in their visual rawness, with clear joins across the middle, have a pictorial expression that should lead the mind to found newspaper clippings that have been folded in the trouser pocket and then found – or in a more figurative sense to memories.

Reflection Space for Humanity no. 1-5, 2019

The series Dead Horse Show no. 1-5 (2000) were created after a long and very intense periode working together with some norwegian artists at Riksutstillinger in Oslo back in 1999. Every morning on my way to the studio I listened to the album Your Funeral My Trial by Nick Cave and the song The Carny in particular. I started to create my own visual story of hope, desire, emotional abuse, disappointment and despair; A dead horse is found and bought to live. But the interest fade away as soon as it´s no more fun to ride. And again the horse is left alone, dead on the ground. Dead from the lack of attention and care.