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  1. “Now raise yourself up a little higher – hold on to the grass if you feel giddy – so – and look out, beyond the belt of vapour beneath us, into the sea”.

E. A. Poe (1809–49)

The Horror and Beauty of Life Itself is inspired by the novel “A descent into the Maelström” by E. A. Poe, and revolves around the most central existential issues that arise when you have seen death in your eyes. The shock, the overcoming and since the maturation of the mind.

The story begins in the dark. The main character is followed from the beginning of life to the meeting with one of the trials of life. This is visualized by a shipwreck in an all-encompassing maelström. The trip down the tunnel is painful. The person is reborn in a new phase of life and the struggle to return to life begins. The road passes through the landscape of death filled with damp goples and jellyfish that look like staring eyes. As the trials are overcome, the person is thrown into a true surreal journey. An experience for life is done. In a sudden awakening, the whole course seems unreal as in a bad dream, but the mind is matured. And the joy of life, visualized by a child’s curious and immediate play with soap bubbles, comes back with renewed power.

The Horror and Beauty of Life Itself is a fine exclusive book containing 71 black and white drawings. A short story written in drawings alone.

Many thanks to Narayana Press (DK) and Buchbinderei S. R. Büge (DE) for the beautiful result. I am very grateful.

The Horror and Beauty of Life Itself by HHO, 1. ed., 2017-18
ISBN 978-87-970389-0-1

200,- DKK/28 € + shipping

The book can be ordered on info[add] or mobile pay +45 41592105. Please remember to leave your name and adress.

Reference from The Danish Library Center DBC, 2018