The Artist

Artist Statement

Dark images tend to be dismissed as eerie or depressing, but it is my view that it is precisely in the dark crannies and in the shadows that we cast, that we find the beautiful and thoughtful sides of life.

It is my intention as an artist to express my concern for humanity and the environment. It is my hope to be able to direct the attention of my fellow human beings to the many conditions of life and create a space for reflection upon the way we are, on the choices we make, and how those choices affect ourselves and our surroundings.

About the Artist

Henriette Heyn Olsen is an illustrator and printmaking artist, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and Ulrik Hoff´s legendary art school in Charlottenlund, Dk.

Henriette Heyn Olsen has a special fondness for the drawn line. The often black and white drawings or prints are kept in a naturalistic expressive drawing style, located in beautiful extension of the 1800s Gothic artwork and symbolism imagery. The motifs are narrative and revolves around human existence and life´s basic conditions.

Henriette Heyn Olsen mainly works as an independent artist in own exhibitions and publications, but also carries bound illustration tasks.

Henriette Heyn Olsen debuted at Charlottenborg´s Spring Exhibition in 2000. She is represented at Vejle Art Museum, Dk, and the Gallery of Danish Printmaking Artists in Copenhagen, Dk.

Henriette Heyn Olsen is a member of The Association of Danish Printmaking Artists and ICOM-Denmark.